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The arrow represents the commercial GPS ^ It points the way from your current position to your final destination.

Countertrade Logistics, LLC is ready to help you navigate your way through the shipping process!

We’ll keep you pointed in the right direction!

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Countertrade Logistics, LLC is prepared to help you navigate the process of getting your product delivered safely and on time!
photos from previous employment


Countertrade Logistics, LLC will make sure you get better pay for a job well done every single time!

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Countertrade Logistics, LLC is here to coordinate your shipping jobs.

From coordinating the job to handling all the paperwork and all the steps in between, when Countertrade Logistics, LLC is involved, you can relax and know it’s going to be handled.

Professionally. Reliably. On Time.

Call Countertrade Logistics at
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get your load on the road!

DUNS# 11-760-0285
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